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How it work

Would you like to give your store the option to create your own page,Create a business

profile for your own brand or company to be able to better advertise your listings on our

classifieds.That's why Business Profile is here! Turn your Business Profile on now.

The beneifits of being a member of a Business Directory

Logo - user can upload own logo into profile (logo can be reused)

Cover, Color - to better propagate own brand, user can upload own cover image as well

as brand color that is applied on some theme elements

Identifier - based on user name, unique indetifier is created and used in URL.

This enhance SEO and conversions from google to business profile

Primary categories - seller can choose what are primary categories for it's business.

When user click on category link, redirection shows just items of this seller

Opening hours - enables to define opening hours in store

Social network links - to improve social marketing, seller can define links to social

business accounts. Currently supported networks are: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,

LinkedIn, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and own link

Features - based on admin definition of available features, sellers can choose these in

profile to be shown (like Free Parking, Gift, Coffe, ...)

Accepted payments - based on admin definition of available payments, seller can choose

what are supported payment methods in it's store (like Paypal, COD, Cash, Credit Card, ...)

Interactive filtering - user's listings can be filtered by category and city without leaving

profile page, Get your now !!

How to create

Go to Register An Account For Free create your account and under my account click on Business Profile to advertise your products and services.


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